Stolen Camera V3

I have both Android and iOS (iPad). I stopped using the Wyze app on iPad.

The bad thing with the iOS/iPad version of the Wyze app, is that when you show the live view; it’s always in landscape even when the iPad is locked in portrait mode. It should honor the iOS setting. Maybe this is what ourmessages is getting at?

No problem. :+1: I can’t answer your questions as I don’t work for Wyze. Mavens and Moderators are fellow Wyze users who volunteer to help keep this primarily user-to-user forum running. You could ask WyzeJasonJ in Wyze’s Fix-it-Friday topic, but he probably won’t have an estimate until the feature makes it into a build for their internal QA testing.

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Don’t shoot me, I don’t think I was the one who changed the course of this thread. I’m in the same boat as you are, eagerly waiting for Wyze to fix the blooper as my concerns are the same as yours. When will Wyze fix it and will they ever let us know, is as good guess as yours.

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what us? deepstate?
I recall you opposed landscape, seems as lack of integrity.

picky or old?
sorry to bother you on saturday morning

there may be more creatures with eyes placed vertically, hence portrait wins

I never opposed landscape, as a matter of fact I’ve been crying very hard to have a full landscape interface on iPad.


No bother at all!


Do we know if the cloud videos to stay on the account when a device is stolen or setup elsewhere has been restored?

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I don’t believe this has been resolved yet. I don’t know the ETA, just that Wyze said they agreed to resolve it.

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Really? Name one…

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The critter in a food coma lying prone on your lawn contemplating eating the remaining flowers.

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Not the same thing but, cats have vertical pupils (bc they are predators that hunt both day and night.) hihi


Cant reasonably wait when Wyze purposely destroyed the security of their security cameras, didn’t tell us. Now won’t tell us when they are going to restore the security in millions of Wyze security cameras. If something serious happened, there is no way I could justify waiting to replace Wyze cams with secure security cameras with that reckless behavior. Imagine a massive crime and trying to explain why you waited for Wyze to act, didn’t replace Wyze with real security cams under cross examination.

Just bought a Reolinks. NVR, and some of the new Super night color light sight F 1.0 lenses with 1/1.8 larger chip Reolink cx410 POE, cx410w.wifi or POE option cams. 3 times more light in that Wyze 1.6 lens. 30 frames per sec instead of 20. Wyze won’t fix the IR spider problems either. These cams need no lights or IR lights. Sadly, Wyze is forcing us to solve the Wyze problems we’ve been asking Wyze to solve for years.

Done, solved. Wyze replaced, problems solved.


Thanks for the update, I guess the issue is not a priority for Wyze :man_shrugging:

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Sad. There are a couple major issues that could hurt sales.

It can’t be that hard. They knew how to stop it, just go in reverse and turn it back on. :thinking:

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Sometimes that is harder than you would think. Who knows what other things they’ve added or changed since that happened. Now, I only have relatively basic programming experience (I have a certifications, and education, and have programmed some stuff, but I went a different route in my career, and mostly do things for fun now), but sometimes “going back” on something is way more complex than people like to think.

It’s hard to know what all is involved or required. But they likely have to ensure it complies with any new security updates that have happened since then. That alone can be time consuming.

The underlying codebase might have undergone significant changes. Integrating the old feature could require extensive modifications to ensure compatibility with the current system architecture.

The system might have new features that interact with the cloud storage differently. Ensuring the old feature works seamlessly with these new functionalities can add complexity.

Maintaining data integrity and preventing data loss is crucial. Wyze needs to ensure that reintroducing the feature won’t compromise existing data or lead to potential data breaches.

Thorough testing is essential to ensure the feature works correctly and doesn’t introduce new (or previously resolved) bugs. This process can be lengthy, involving multiple stages of testing and quality assurance.

In some cases (though probably not this one), there might be new regulations or compliance requirements that the Wyze needs to adhere to related to any past things they bring back.

Changes in the backend infrastructure, such as database updates or server configurations, might require additional adjustments to support the old feature. We know Wyze has definitely made huge back-end changes in the last few months. So this is probably a big factor.

Wyze might want to improve the user experience by refining the feature before reintroducing it. This could involve redesigning parts of it or adding new options based on user feedback.

All of these factors and more contribute to the complexity and time required to restore an old feature, often making it more than just a simple code reactivation.

In some ways, a thing like this or bringing back anything can be a priority and still take a long time to [re]integrate… In some ways it might take a while BECAUSE it is a priority (take the security and stability way more seriously than other non-priority things). The complexity makes it hard to know unless you’re one of the people with direct access to see everything involved. My programming experience in understanding the complexity involved has taught me to start with giving devs the benefit of the doubt as long as I can’t personally see everything involved.

Though, I still sometimes get impatient and say similar things about how it can’t be hard to fix something, like the WCO cooldown issue that’s a problem since fall 2023. But for something like this, I am not going to make priority accusations within just a couple of months for something that has the potential to have a lot more complexity involved.

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I’ll supply the :cat: team since now I have six different ones wandering around here with their buddy MFP.

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