Still selling Wyze Thermostat under false pretenses

How can this continue? Still selling the Wyze Thermostat with the statements that 3-in-1 remote temperature, humidity, & motion sensor and Learning algorithms to automate your temperature will be here in 2021. I mean I guess there is still a couple weeks left in the year but unless they already have it sitting in a warehouse it’s not going to happen. No news or updates either except one employee mentioned it was coming but even he seems to have had wrong info because he made it sound close and that was at the middle of the year…

They need to remove the year and just say it’ll come when it will come or remove it all together if they have no one working it anymore.


Sounds like a class action lawsuit is probably going to happen!

and where would you hear something like that? I am pretty disappointed because I switched from a product that already had the feature because I wanted it to fit in my Wyze atmosphere here. I like the company and have a home town fanboy mentality towards it but it really does need to stop. The fact they also have been selling the robot vacuum saying voice control was coming (even proudly displayed during their recent holiday sales) but I have yet to see that function. Alexa recognizes my vacuum but you can’t do anything with it and when you go to the Wyze app it says this feature is coming soon… "Soon in their book means over a year or more it seems though. :confused:

If class action is happening at least they just got that big investor payday.

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It’s just a feeling I’m sure it’s going to happen the way they never follow up with the claims they make coming soon and never happens. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

Well I would be on board. I don’t like not getting what I feel I paid for. With that said I’ll probably still purchase from them. I absolutely love my regular vaccum from them over my dyson and am in too far with the camera system to switch any time soon.