Still receiving notifications even though I’ve enabled rule? Help

Hey guys,

I just received my sense starter kit and I put the following rule and notification settings for my pair of contact sensors. However I still keeping getting alerts even though it’s Sunday. I just don’t wanna receive notifications during the weekends, am I doing it wrong?

Thank you

Your settings look correct, although technically if the sensor is triggered at precisely 12:00am with those settings, you’d get a notification.

It looks like you posted the screenshot on Sunday night. Did you create the rule on the same day? If so, it may be that it simply didn’t trigger yet. That rule would trigger for the first time on a Saturday or Sunday at 12:01am. If you didn’t make the rule until Sunday afternoon, for example, the initial trigger wouldn’t have happened.

Basically, what should happen with that rule is that your “Allow Push Notifications” for the sensor group will get turned off at that time. Your screenshot shows that “Allow Push Notifications” are active, which indicates that the rule hasn’t fired. If you look at your Rule History, for example, do you see any indiciation that this rule has ever fired, and whether it was successful?