Still getting notifications when a rule is set to not get notifications

I put my spare camera on my deck and have it pointed out to the street. I did this because my neighbor across the street has noticed a strange car stopped in front of her house on different nights around 130 am. I set up the camera and set rules to have notifications on at night when I’m in bed but off during the day when I’m at work and there’s much more traffic. While I was at work today I started getting notifications constantly from this camera reporting a car going by. I double checked my rules and they’re set as they should be. So why am I still getting notifications?

Note that I told my neighbor to call 911 the next time she sees that car. I also called the non emergency number to see if they could send a patrol car by around that time. They said they did but there were no cop cars down my street at all last night (neither was there any car that stopped).
But this topic is about the notifications on my phone.