Stickers or Decals or Signs

Oh, I’m not of the “don’t display a sign naming the brand of camera you’re using” brigade.

I find it funny that people think thieves are walking around with a list of steps on how to defeat certain cameras! :smile:

I believe that displaying signs is a good deterrent…

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I have Wyze cameras/lights all through my house and at work. I would love to have the option to buy window stickers that say “This premises is monitored by Wyze” or something like that so people would know they’re on camera. A funny one could even be “We have our Wyze on you”

Hey Dana! I did the downloadable templates for Wyze and they also allowed me to sell pre done ones in my Etsy store. I have ones for inside the window, outside the window, and a static cling design, too. Here’s one!

Wyze has a few that you can purchase or download. I made my own sticker, as I wanted it…

Red and visible, note it is sound and video. It Also reflects its wireless and cloud based storage.

Wireless is important because they just can’t clip a wire, cloud because even if they break/steal the cam, it’s too late.

My sticker. Just uploaded and build-a-sign had 2 stickers printed and shipped in about 5 days for under $5.

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Since there are 1000’s (or more) of us using various Wyze products in a security sense, why haven’t you guys given out those nice yard (warning) signs for us to tell those bad guys to go to the next house?

Really, come on you could give them out 2 for 1, or with orders of 2+ cameras etc…

I would like a couple, I might even shake a few shekels loose!!!

Cheers, Rodney

Wyze Security yard sign available on Etsy.


A yard sign similar to home security companies. Weatherproof. With words video surveillance…

Awesome, thank you - shame Wyze did not do it though, or did they?

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One of the biggest deterrents to thieves is a simple yard sign/window sticker letting them know “hey this house has a security system.”

Can we buy some lawn signs and window stickers to go with Wyze Home Monitoring?

Hi Doc; There are signs available from a couple of folk but in my opinion they are expensive. You can find them with a search online for “wyze security signs” etc. I am waiting for a sign Company to have a ton made and sell them at a reasonable cost - with and without mounting apparatus…

Cheers, Rodney.

According to a update in December 2020 by Jimmy, Wyze will sell yard signs in by early 2021 as part of the home monitoring system.

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For the home monitoring system may I suggest instead of two window stickers signs you need a larger one to be placed outside in the front lawn so that someone driving by will see that the house has a security system I would not want someone to come up to my front door to see that I have a sticker on a window which they may or may not see and read

Please Have Wyze to create lawn signs for the HMS system

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Home Depot sells “Video Surveillance in Use” stickers - which have the advantage of NOT revealing the KIND of camera system is being used.


There’s a Wish list item you can vote for to do just that, so please do :grin:: Home Monitoring System HMS - Security Decals Stickers and Yard Signs


Matt, The link appears broken. Do you happen to have a front cut file for all different cameras?

I totally agree!!! Ive been wondering this since a few years back when i started buying Wyze cams. We need them! I have seen on ebay where you can buy ADT etc ones and have thought about buying them to use. Please Wyze, we need decals and yard signs.

Still have them on etsy!


Wow! Thank you greatly!!

Wyze provides downloadable files on their Support Site so that users can print their own stickers. They also provide links to Etsy for two different styles of stickers.

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