Stereoscopy: need access to video stream

How do I get access to the raw video stream coming off a Wyze camera. I would like to team up two cameras to do stereoscopy and enable distance measurements for object tracking. Is there an API I can use? The stereoscopy app will not run on a mobile phone, so the API needs to be some SDK, go preferred. First version will be offline, so the API does not need to be realtime. I am thinking that the API that the Wyze app itself uses to playback could be a good starting point.

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You may be able to use RTSP, but I’m not sure because I don’t have experience with that program.

I do want to stay compatible with the Wyze ecosystem. I don’t need to use the Wyze cameras, but since I have a bunch of them, I wanted to take advantage of them.

Is there a mechanism to get access to the playback video? That should be a storage API of some sort. I wonder if the time stamp on the frames will be accurate enough to match up frames between two cameras. So many questions.

I do believe there is. You could use RTSP to record the camera’s video stream to an NVR or NAS.

The time stamps are usually accurate but it can be hard to sync them up. You can use the “sync time” button in the Wyze app if you want to sync the time with your phone.