Starting over

With over 20 cameras I want to start over. Factory reset with a new account, new internet server and new WIFI,

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If I had to guess from what you posted, you are having issues with all your cams. I’d be surprised if factory resetting them and putting them on a new account helped. As for a new Internet server, all users & cams are assigned the same cloud of servers.

But the new WiFi can help a great deal, especially if you are having trouble with all your cams. It could be underpowered, or malfunctioning. The best first step there is to power-cycle it and see if that helps when it finishes booting and your connection to the Internet is restored. Sometimes that is a quick fix.

What is the make & model of your Router? How fast is your connection to the Internet? What problems are you experiencing?

The cameras can only use a 802.11n/2.4 GHz connection, so you don’t really need a powerful router or a massive speed connection unless you do other things in your home like stream or download movies, etc. Then those more expensive routers and connections become pretty important to keep them from interfering with your cams. So what else do you do with your network? Do you have digital cable TV? Streaming Services? Download large files?

So tell us more about your issue and environment. But remove your personal info on any replies. :wink:


Please note that if you create a new account for your cams and have active subscriptions tied to your cams, you’ll need to either cancel those subscriptions for a refund on remaining time (if purchased directly from Wyze) or contact Wyze Customer Service for assistance in possibly changing your email address tied to the subscriptions.


To do this you would need to Individually reset all of them and change wifi networks and just add them as a new device under the new account. I don’t see why this would be a problem

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Thank you for the help.

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