Starter kit issues

I just received my starter kit, that includes two contact sensors and a motion sensor.
After installing rhe bridge, the first contact sensor was dead. I inserted the pin in the pinhole as instructed, but nothing happened. Then I tried the second contact sensor, and this time a red light blinked three times and it was paired to the bridge. While I was trying to figure out how to make it work, I received a notification saying that the battery needed to be replaced!
Frustrated z I decided to try the motion detector. Nothing. No lights at all when the pin eas inserted in the pinhole. I decided to open it and to my surprise, there was battery, but a note, a tiny piece of paper, handwritten in Chinese (Mandarin), stating that there was something missing in the mainboard. My asian partner was able to translate it.
Have any of you guys experience this?
I have sent previously an email to customer support, regarding something that I have already forgotten, because I surely ended up figuring out by myself, but never received any reply from them.
Red flag. I opened a ticket with customer service, and I hope I can get an explanation of why I received the products I bought in this conditions.
Cameras are awesome. The light bulb is good, but the starter kit was really disappointing.
Sadly I can’t or don’t know how ro upload a photo of the motion sensor and the tiny note.

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wow, I haven’t heard of anything having a note in it from the manufacturer. when I got mine, as a precaution, to restart them I took out all batteries and reinserted them as I had been told others had issues similar ( minus the note) to yours. after doing that I didn’t have any issues setting them up after doing that. I have heard of a few getting the kits and the batteries being low on charge or dead though. after replacing them I belive they all worked. but again, that was without any notes from the manufacturer

I would definitely reach out to Wyze about that note. they would more then likely replace something if it came defunct, especially when the manufacturer admitted it. its almost as if Wyze is trying to get into the fortune cookie business.

@Mavens have any of you seen/heard of something similar to this?


Welcome to the community, @Marcelo! If you could upload a picture of the piece of paper, it would be very helpful. A mod may have to help you with this and boost your trust level. @Loki

This is a very odd case. Hopefully these are not a bogus set. Where did you buy these?


If you are unable to attach the picture to your comment with your smart phone. Take a picture with your smart phone and email it to yourself. Then save it to your desktop and you can then drag and drop the picture into your comment and it will upload automatically.

Alternatively You can click on the upload button within the comment/reply window as seen in the provided image below. I would REALLY like to see this message that was included.


So far have not heard of anything like that
I think maybe the note was in there to describe what the problem was with it , for the next person that it was supposed to go to in the factory like a repair ticket or whatever, but somehow it went to the wrong place and got packaged up as a good unit


that makes sense

Yes, I can see that happening, we all know we do not live in a perfect world Looks into the distance Maybe someday :wink:


Amazing. I would like to see the note just because of the oddity. Humans can be funny in weird sort of ways.

I have been thinking of buying a starter kit.

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I have seen it happen lots of times running machines manufacturing auto parts , also seen it happen when I was in the inspection side of things , one or more parts end up in the wrong place


But with a note left behind?

Yeah especially if they come with love letters :laughing:
All jokes aside, that is the one thing that I have not purchased yet. I have no sensors or Bridge. I have not figured out where I would use the Sensors, I mean I know where I could use the “Door/window ones” Just not the Sensor.


The parts I worked with were either marked with the paint marker with a special mark or there was A tag with something written on it wired to the part , so , yes a note inside that little sensor makes sense


@Marcelo - enter some more topics and you should get upload capabilities like @TheNerdCorner outlined in #4 above.

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Welcome to the community, @Marcelo. That is a very unusual situation indeed. Could you please post the ticket number Wyze sent you after you submitted your support request? :slight_smile:


This is what I found…There was not battery in it.

I think it should be funny…am I the winner of some sort of prize? :slight_smile:
Trying to overcome my initial frustration, as I couldn’t “play” with my new “toys”.

I am sure they will resolve this, as I have read of many satisfied customers. I am sure I will be one of those as well.


Great photo. :+1:

Thanks for sharing. I never heard anything like it. Long ago I used to repair electronic systems and we just used forms.

-face palm- The Mavens let me know about this post and I followed up on it. Looks like this was a note written by one of the QC people saying that this one did NOT pass and it ended up in the wrong place (your order!). Boy, do we feel sheepish and we are super sorry that happened.

May I please have your support ticket number that you should have received in a reply email? We’d love to send you a replacement ASAP.


Same here.
My 2nd starter kit (ordered months apart) came with a completely dead contact sensor.

Hi, thanks!!! I have received (very fast) a new motion sensor and a contact sensor.
Guys you are great!!! :slight_smile:


I will suggest to slide a piece of plastic between the battery and the electrical contacts, inside the sensors, this way batteries will start being used when the customer receive the product and remove it.