Started Early

These people started kind of early with the fireworks. No :raccoon: visitors last night either due to the rain or the noise.


I’ve never understood the need to light fireworks on New Years Eve. But, if anyone around me did it last night, I was sound asleep. :rofl:

HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone! :tada: :confetti_ball:


We’ve been getting some for the past few days. And I somehow don’t think that was legal in California…

Depends on the county and what kind of fireworks but they are all illegal in the county I live in. I worked in Monterey County for many years and they have large fireworks stands all over the place in July and December with some big boom stuff.

I’m a fireworks pyro-technician. Looking at the reflection in your windshield, that was not legal anywhere in California.
My standard advise: Leave the fireworks to professionals - like me.

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Got any spare big ones you didn’t use :rofl:

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Nope. We always make sure everything goes off. Otherwise the truck has to still be placarded for carrying explosives - with all the restrictions that go along with that.