StarLight Sensor

Yikes! I’m not gonna update mine then. Thanks and have a good 4th!

I just just looked at some videos from my driveway cam on 06/26/2021 and last night and see no difference in HD quality at all. Both videos are over 5.0MB so I can’t post them unless I edit and shorten. You defiantly have a difference.

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I’m well aware of the difference in ambient lighting, but that shouldn’t affect background image quality On the top screen shot you can clearly see that there is a car parked in the driveway across the street, but on the bottom one you only see a blur. The quality difference and lighting intensity is in the background, where my solar lights have no reach whatsoever. I still believe that Wyze changed their compression algorythms at some point in time without letting us know. The change might seem minimal, but it is there.

I suspect the new video codec is terrible at handling ultra low light scenarios. Just replaced my front camera this morning, we’ll see how it handles tonight

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26 June 2021

04 July 2022

Yeah, you have good lighting my friend so you probably can’t see or there is no difference. In my case, I used to have nearly perfect night vision. Not so much lately. We can only agree to disagree but, I’m still holding to my guns that Wyze did something. Forum is full of people complaining about quality degradation.

Taking another more critical look at your shots, I can see that the older one holds more detail than the newwer one even though there is less ambient lighting. Do you notice that the shadow of your truck is more detailed in the older shot? The devil is in the details, especially dark ones :slight_smile:

Different night, different lighting, different parking, Moon on 6/26/21 was 96% Illuminated, last night was 25%. :grin: And besides the cam was recording the raccoon running across the driveway. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Really? Do you still think it is a moon light issue? Omg! I have the same issue and certainly it is a software issue. Hope Wyze can fix it in the next release.

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Light makes a difference :rofl:

For sure! But night vision worked perfectly before the last upgrade and now it is blurry, so something changed in the last release that affected the night vision at no light condition.

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If you think the current (May 2022) firmware version caused the change, put the April 2022 firmware on your camera and test it out.

I think it predates the April version as I tried it myself and the quality is the same. It’s not just night vision that is affected, also there is blur and artifacts during day vision as well.

What can I say? I’ve had cloud event recording off during the daytime on my cams for a couple days due to the continuous 20+ Mph winds all day. Here is one from 01 July 2022. I don’t see anything of concern.

You are the lucky one I guess :slight_smile:

Check this out, especially top right corner…

My other front cam is mounted in a covered area kind off like that and it has more artifacts when running in SD, this short clip is in HD. The driveway cam is on the right side of the garage about 2 feet below the roof overhang.

When the camera arrived and prior to updating the firmware, there were no artifacts.

Yup, you’re right rogracer.
The amount of moonlight makes a huge difference in image quality. Human beings don’t notice the difference as much, because our eyes adapt autonomically. A neighbor could subtract some landscape lighting, or a porch lamp could be adjusted, affecting how it casts down the street.
There are also sources of cognitive bias… we notice artifacts more than we notice a lack of artifacts, plus, we also see more artifacts when we are looking for artifacts.
Where I live is very rural. My closest neighbor is a mile away, and the nearest streetlight/landscape light is 15 miles as the crow flies. There is no visible skyglow here.
On a clear, moonless night there is enough starlight to walk in open areas with dark-adjusted eyes, but the WC3 cannot see anything - so if the WC3 sees anything at all, it is a combination of moonlight and artificial light that makes it possible. The variables in the scene make it impossible to quantify what the camera is doing. Put it on a bench and test it to find if compression is at fault -

The WC3 is not a starlight camera by any stretch of the imagination. A house in the suburbs is the illumination target for a WC3 - it is designed to a price point, and starlight gain isn’t needed or affordable.

On the other hand, even a WCO can see in the moonlight…


Is that a V2 WOC? They have the Starlight sensor now (marketing term – I believe they mean it can SEE starlight, i.e. see stars (in non light-polluted areas anyway, lol)).

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Yes, this is a v2

24 hours later was largely overcast, and the WCO was nearly blind. – It’s all about the moonlight. The light reflecting of my water tank is from an IR lit camera at my gate about 400 feet away.

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