Star Table for V3 Sky Photos

I have viewed with interest the sky movies captured on WYZE of steller events. Some of the captures were close to the edge of the camera’s field of view. If you have more than one V3 perhaps some of those cameras could be reassigned to sky watching duty? Below are some pictures of a Star Table.

The first picture is pretty much self-explanatory, On this table, the holes for the leveling screws are drilled about 1/32" smaller than the screw’s diameter. The screw itself becomes the tap. The holes for the magnetic plates are 3/32" in diameter. In this table, the magnet plate screws extended below the table posing a cutting/puncture hazard to my fingers. I cut the protrusions with diagonal cutting pliers and then filed flat the resulting burs. An easy way to render the screws harmless is to place layers of cardboard squares over them and then tape them in place. Also if your camera’s magnetic plates are used elsewhere a suitable size construction plate (6"x2" min) from the hardware store would be needed, The plate would carry all three cameras and would be glued, taped, nailed, or screwed in place.

Picture 2 below shows setting a repeatable skyward angle for a camera. This should be done at the viewing site. The table should be leveled first and the table’s location marked (a repeat setup is needed the next night). The angles for the other cameras would differ so their field of views overlaps. The overlap amount depends on the number of cameras used and how much of the sky you wish to monitor,

Picture 3 is self-explanatory.

Victor Maletic.


Pretty interesting! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to seeing the results.