Stand alone WIFI wont work with battery cam

Hi all, I have been trying to setup a stand alone wifi without internet access so a couple of cameras can have live feed to a tablet.
I’m using a GL.iNet GL-AR300M16 travel router. I connected a wyze cam v3 and battery cam. They work fine while connected to a network. However when I disconnect from my home network the battery cam never connects to the tablet yet the V3 does. Is this a glitch or do i have to change some settings somewhere.
I am trying to use the battery cam so I can mount it on a machine and live stream while troubleshooting, so wireless is needed otherwise V3 would be fine.
Any help is appreciated

This might have to do with the v3 creating the local connection after authorizing with the cloud servers, and the local connection continuing until your app or v3 camera restart.

Why does V3 do it but Battery cam doesn’t