Sprinkler Zone-Pool

Just installed the Irrigation/Sprinkler controller. Can you please add a pool zone? A lot of us in Texas at least have a zone dedicated to add water when low or to maintain levels.

Interesting! This is actually a new requirement I hadn’t heard before. Is this ‘zone’ a part of your main system? Are there any special requirements you have? If it’s just another zone in your system you can create a fixed schedule with just that zone or simply do Quick Runs when needed.

It’s my last zone. It’s piped just like the others. Comes out the side where the tiles are just above water line. I use it as a regular zone and add during peak season and dry winter season such as now (more evaporation in dry air)

I’m adding as we speak to make sure plenty of water before freezing weather we are having for a few days. Got to keep pool running so pump doesn’t freeze!

I also have a pool zone. A great feature would be to control daily fill time based on a pool level model inform. Amount added to pool by rainfall is easy, it’s just the amount of rain