Spotlight won't turn on after re-opening camera's view in app

Everything was fine right after installation of the Spotlight on v3 cam (both manual commands and motion detection).

After being left off for few minutes the spotlight become not responsive (both manual commands and motion detection). It can be revived if I click one of Brightness Level buttons and it works just fine again while I’m playing with it (both manual commands and motion detection) but then again, after few minutes being left off it becomes not responsive again. The app thinks the spotlight reacts to commands and shows on or off picture as if it’s obeying commands.

App version on Android phone is v2.26.22, on iOS - v2.26.21. Spotlight’s firmware version was, now it’s updated to v3 firmware is (just updated, previous one worked the same).

Edit. The problem occurred not after “few minute being off” as I said before but after app disconnects from the camera (goes from camera’s live view page to app’s main page with list of devices).

Please help.
Thank you!