Spotlight not recognized

Good evening

So I am running into an issue . I have the floodlight camera and I am trying to add the spotlight to the additional v3 that’s powered by the back usb port except that the camera will NOT recognize the darn spotlight whatsoever

I used the included cables , made sure to push all of the cables in all the way , i disconnected the camera by unplugging it from the back usb port , I restarted camera , I restarted both the floodlight and the main camera , I flipped the breaker , I turned off the junction box and on , I cleared app cache . But still nothing

The camera just will not recognize the spotlight AT ALL. The spotlight comes on when I connect the cables to the camera initially and then cuts off and doesn’t come back on anymore .

On the v3 live feed I see no pop up telling me to customize the spotlight once it recognizes it , no spotlight icon , going into settings , down to accessories , no spotlight is recognized .

Done everything I can , but I thought this would work as I’ve seen others successfully try this .

Anything else I should do ?

I’ll call support up tomorrow and see if I can get a replacement spotlight then . I bought 5 spotlights kits for my v3’s . 4 of them got installed into stand alone v3’s , and this 5th one seems to be the only defective one from the batch .

I’m guessing it has something to do with it being connected to a back usb port or something idk…

Does the light work on the second camera if you just use a regular power supply rather than connecting the camera to the floodlight?

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The spotlight comes on when I connect the cables to the v3 camera that is being powered on by the back usb port on the floodlight

The problem seems to be that the camera does not recognize the accessory .

But I will bring the camera down and connect it to the wall with a power adapter and see if that way the camera will recognize the accessory

Just trying to eliminate complications. If you can’t get it to work with the one camera, do you have second one you could try? Also, are you sure the cable is good?

Yes . I’ll try tomorrow as it’s late here . But thanks for the advice . Will report back tomorrow

And as far as I know yes the cables are good . Like i said , when I disconnect the spotlight and connect it again the light comes on . Just that the camera will not recognize the spotlight

So I’ll report back tomorrow and see what I can figure out .



Alas!! The spotlight was finally recognized

Just opened the live feed of the v3 and their was the spotlight icon on the top right and then in accessories it shows that the spotlights installed !!!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So, the camera was just tired?