Spotlight issues

I have the spotlight attached to the V3 and it comes on whenever a person is detected. When the spot light comes on it blinds the whole screen kills all vision until it goes off. It took forever to get the spotlight to stick to the camera to only take it back. Once that flash comes on I can not see nothing. Can I return it

How is the camera mounted? Can you provide a picture as to how its mounted and its surroundings? I bet there is an object close so that it is reflecting the spotlight back at the camera when its toggled on. This may be as easy as moving the camera mount location a few inches to one side or the other. A picture from the camera view itself will help trouble shoot also.

Edit- and one more thing, this forum is a user to user community. If you wanted to contact Support about returning it you can totally do that, but if you’d like to trouble shoot this and get it working to your liking with the Communities assistance, we are here to help also. :slight_smile:

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Wish I could after a day of it I took it off. Had it mounted like any other camera and if you have to mount it a certain way that’s a issue. If I get bored I might reconnect the light and take a pic when it happens. It just takes away my who pic until it goes off then I’m able to see.

Today when I get home I’ll take you up on that offer to trouble shot the problem.

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I had a similar problem with the light reflection and adjusted the camera position and turned off the night mode.