Spotlight is being forgotten every day

Good evening

I installed a spotlight to a v3 2 weeks ago and everything went smoothly , the camera recognized the accessory and it ran great

Now fast forward to this week but now that camera is no longer recognizing the spotlight . During the day it turns on the spotlight randomly when that spotlight is set to be on from sunset to sunrise yet when sunset hit it completely forgets the spotlight accessory

When I view the live view their is no spotlight icon and no spotlight accessory recognized

I have to restart the camera every night for the camera to recognize the spotlight and turn it on .

What should i do here to fix this



Good evening

I installed a spotlight to a v3, 2 weeks ago . It recognized the accessory and the dusk to dawn feature was followed smoothly

Up until this week . On Monday I noticed that the spotlight was on , on this camera around 4 pm . I didn’t think too much of it bc we got a storm this weekend and it was cloudy all weekend so maybe it thought that it was night time .

Well that day after sunset the spotlight was not on . I opened the live view of the camera and no spotlight icon was their and the accessory was no longer recognized .

I have to restart the camera or power cycle the camera for the accessory to be recognized again .

I have had to do this every single day of this week.

A bit frustrating , but I’m able to get it recognized easily . Anything I can do so that the spotlight can be recognized always ?

This is the only v3 that’s showing this behavior (so far :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:)

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And again tonight . Restarting the camera does not fix this , now I have to power cycle the camera and it recognizes the spotlight immediately .

This is annoying

Hi @Rulwiz , What firmware you are using on this V3 connected with spotlight? 9.139 or beta one?

I have to power cycle , restart camera , factory reset camera , and disconnect and connect the spotlight so that the camera can recognize the accessory

Once I’ve done all of those trouble shooting steps , it’ll recognize it for the night and then the next day it won’t recognize it anymore .

For example it’s 4:22 pm EST rn And the camera is showing that it’s recognizing the spotlight yet by tonight around 7 pm it’ll be gone and I’ll have to trouble shoot it all over again…

I see. We have some improvements on the new v3 firmware for spotlight connectivity. This firmware should be released soon (currently is under beta testing). Once released I will let you know so you could update and see if problem still exists. Thanks!


Just here to share that I’m having this same issue exactly as described. The spotlight icon will sometimes show, but it’s unresponsive and won’t turn on for motion or sound or by tapping in the app. And then sometimes the icon just disappears completely and I need to power cycle/unplug both camera and light to get them to recognize each other again. Running 9.139.

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Anybody find a solution to this yet? My v3 never got the firmware update that was released Nov 2 and looks like it was paused to troubleshoot some more bugs. Spotlight has not worked in months.

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The only solution I’ve found was just by disconnecting the spotlight from the camera for a few days and then adding it back.

I had to constantly be restarting the camera , power cycling, factory resetting , and ultimately disconnecting the cable from the spotlight and connecting it back to the spotlight and the camera would recognize the accessory’s but that ultimately became too much

So I just disconnect the entire spotlight kit from the camera for about a week and connected it back again. So far it’s been working fine . I think it only forgot the accessory maybe once during the last 3-4 weeks .

Not sure what I did but it seems to be recognizing the accessory

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Ha, thanks. I’ll give that a try. I was also able to get it to reconnect briefly through the whole power cycle/reboot dance, but it only lasted a few hours before going MIA again.

I have a v3 that’s running that is losing spotlight connectivity.

I have to disconnect the cable going into the spotlight and then connect it back again to get the camera to recognize the spotlight again .

Happens daily now

Yep. It’s been 5+ months and spotlight is basically useless. Won’t stay connected for more than an hour. Frustrating, to say the least.

@WyzeDesmond Any updates on the supposed fix for spotlight connectivity?

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The only solution I have found is disconnecting the cable going into the back of the spotlight for a few seconds and connect it back on. That will get the camera to recognize the spotlight again but it’ll last for a day or two…

Rn my spotlight is on but the camera doesn’t recognize the accessory

V3 camera on FW with spotlight FW forgets spotlight accessory daily

Having to disconnect the cable going into the spotlight and connect it back in will get the camera to recognize the accessory but tonight that didn’t fix it

I and @mxb and many others are experiencing failed spotlight connectivity issues , when will the spotlight connectivity issue be fixed ? Any word please and thank you

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Another v3 that was recognizing the spotlight accessory for months just suddenly stopped recognizing the accessory.

I’ve disconnected the spotlight and power cycled the camera and it still won’t recognize the accessory… at this point I’d rather just trade in all of my v3’s for v3 pros to use the spotlight on those instead since my v3’s just completely forgotten the spotlight accessories constantly! :man_shrugging:t4:

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Same! We should flag this again in the next Fix It Friday.

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Good idea , let’s bring it up at the next call out

Are all of these cameras v3 running on 9.139 firmware?