Splitscreens view. 2x2, 3x3,

Hello, i just want to suggest a split view. I currently use a 3rd party app (which i was part of the day 1 beta) the app i use allows for split views which are configurable and allow for 2x2,3x3,1x5,etc. I will say i use the 3rd party app due to it being compatible with most camera brands, it does not allow you to turn on or off panscan or talk to the person on camera(you can toggle sound to hear and control ptz). It would be great to be able to configure all of my cameras in a layout live view so i can watch at same time with the ability to select individually. These features would be great to add to this app. I would love ti add photos as an example but this app dont allow it to be uploaded from my phone.

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