Spider invasion in progress

Ok, who planted all the spiders :spider: :spider: :spider: at my house.? I recently had the exterior of the house power washed and painted and now it is full of spider webs. Also they have webs in my truck side mirrors, the bed of my truck, all the trees and plants around the outside of the house. Now they have decided to start building in front of one of my V3 cams. Spiders are not PETS. :grin:

Spiders and webs are not Person either…

Your home was rated in the top ten for spiders looking to relocate.


Regular maintenance can have unintended consequences. :grin:

Did you send me on a treasure hunt? I don’t want to read the entire paper. :astonished:

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Just ‘read’ the side column, it’s salacious! :laughing:

The enemy all over the place. :rage: I told all the little lizards to start having long dinner parties. I don’t know what kind of spiders they are but the don’t make the “Classic round/octagon Spider Webs” they just cover everything with their web making materials and make a big mess.
It has always amazed me how strong spider webs/ their strands/web material is.

One of your buddies showed up in our shower today. :slight_smile:

They seem to like showers, I frequently see one of those little black spiders in the shower. I don’t hink they like the trip down the drain. :laughing: :laughing:

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You call that invasion?

This is invasion :rofl:

…and this is a person according to Wyze AI

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I get out the broom every afternoon. I don’t need any more 5 min. :spider: :spider: (pet) event videos. :grin:

I have to drive six hours to get to the broom :rofl:

Get your :raccoon: gang to do it.

They’re afraid of heights and spiders :laughing: