Specific person and vehicle recognition

I am looking for advice how to get notifications on specific persons and vehicles at ~20 feet distance from camera.
For example is there way to recognize by person posture, silhoutte, specific vehicle?
Friendly faces seems working on v3 with cam plus subscription but only if person is very close to camera like around 3-4 feet. Further than that and I get only “person” notifications.
Is Cam Protect better at recognizing people and vehicles?
Can tinycam do this?
Should I get different camera?

The closest thing Wyze offers is a feature called Smart vision which you can train on 1 specific thing to recognize per camera.

Otherwise there are 3rd party solutions where you convert Wyze streams into RTSP through something like Scrypted or Docker Wyze Bridge, then use a docker that will let you train your own detections like frigate or maybe Scrypted. Then you can train it to recognize specific things.

FAQ says Smart Vision is in test for Cam Protect users only but Reddit user showed screenshot with Cam Plus plan

Officially it is through Cam protect.

There are some users who signed up for it during the public beta test (including myself) who got it for Cam Plus and have been whitelisted to be allowed to keep it on Cam Plus even though it’s not technically a Cam Plus feature. Anyone who has it on Cam Plus signed up for it during public beta a long time ago.