Spamers are using the Wyze network

I have 2 Wyze cams with SD cards. I normally have them blocked on my wifi network to cut down on traffic on my system.
When ever I allow my cameras to go online, I start getting spam text messages on my phone that I’ve been selected to get something free. I will get a text up to 3 times a day from different phone numbers that I always block.
When I take the cameras off line, the texts stop.
I would guess some spam bot is monitoring the Wyze network and harvesting phone numbers ??

I would reach out to

They take these matters seriously, they may ask for a log and some other information, so capture a log and provide it as well.


Yes, I do not see this. Report it.

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They will email you back and ask you to send them the MAC address of the cam in question…and I think also ask you what your Wyze account email address is, so if you have those ready in the initial email it will save having to ask for them. They will check it all out and give you info.

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