Sound Sensitivity Settings

Is there a good setting for sound sensitivity? I like to hear what goes on around my feral cat colony but at 50 it sounds like something is attacking and killing them. So I sit up all night worrying until I can go out in the daylight to check to only find they are ok.

Here is the video with the sound. You don’t see anything but if you listen it surely sounds like a cat is being attacked and killed on here.

Sensitivity is going to depend on your specific conditions. If 50 is too high, try 25. Try 1. It would be tough for someone to tell you a specific number because it depends how far the camera is from the source of the noise, etc. But cats are nocturnal and loud, so I’m not sure if that’s going to be the best way for you to get meaningful alerts

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For that matter, I’m not sure if sound alerts would be very effective outdoors. I’ve never used that feature at all, even indoors, because where I am, there are too many ambient sounds from outside. But if you’re using it outdoors, I feel like you’d probably get tons of false triggers. Even a breeze could create a sound that seems REALLY loud on the microphone, if it’s blowing directly into the microphone.

Anyway, I’d just experiment with it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s too difficult to properly optimize it, in an outdoor setting.