Sound Recordings not Recovered from Cloud

I have two black V2 cameras and one today had a couple sound triggered recordings yet when trying to play the video it would stop during the downloading process. Then other camera was unavailable showing the cloud with a line through it. It’s impossible to rely on these cameras, especially when you’re away on vacation.

Wyze, please stop releasing new products and fix what you already have!

Black v2, downloading a 12-sec video cloud clip (Cam Plus Lite) first try it worked and I watched it. Subsequently, it would error out (3001) in the middle.

Force stopping app, clearing caches, restarting phone, no joy. Finally, discovered that it would complete that download and play if the phone & video were in landscape orientation. :man_shrugging:

I tried playing mine in landscape mode and it still didn’t work. Then today it once again wouldn’t load a recorded video, this time it was a motion event.

Oy. Frustrating.

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