Sound not working in saved videos after iOS16 update

Thanks! However, mine doesn’t have that button for some reason… Strange…

No worry. I will dm you and simply reply my message.

If you go top right tap on your account, preferences, notifications and turn on messaging.


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:pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3: Thanks for your help, Antonius!

I have fixed the issue that kept you from being able to message Desmond, just click on his name and you should now see a button that says ‘Message’.


:pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3: Thanks, Jason! I see it now!

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I’m still not able to hear my sound on my saved videos in my photos folder this update did not work. Is there any other fixes for this? I have saved videos that I need the sound. Thank you

WyzeDesmond… I posted this earlier by mistake as a reply to a user. As noted below, I also see the issues on an iPhone running iOS 15.7

Event recordings when played back on my iPad (7th Gen) runningiOS 15.7 works fine (both video and audio). My two iPhones (one running iOS 16.0.2 and the other running iOS 15.7) record Events activated by sound play back video, but do NOT play back audio.

Note, both my iPhones play back video and audio from Events when I “View Playback” from my cam using the SD card. I also receive both video and audio when using the “Monitoring” option… I’ve submitted Logs from both iPhones. Note, I’ve been through all the trouble shooting processes including removing/loading the Wyze app, triple checking all settings, making sure firmware is current and restarting the Wyze cams. Because my iPad Wyze App works fine and I get audio with the exception of Event playback, I didn’t go through a Reset with my cams.

Since I get audio when using the Monitoring option and when reviewing Playback from the SD card, I have to believe it’s an App issue. I also don’t think it’s just an iOS 16 issue.

Understood. THanks for sharing info. For this issue let me DM you. Thanks!

WyzeDesmond I did message you back and my Event audio playback Is working on my wife’s iPhone running iOS 15.7.

My apologies to you and the forum for the mis-communication.

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No worries. Thanks for checking!

Do you have an idea when there may be an update to address the iOS 16/Wyze issue? I use the sound on the Wyze cam to capture my water alarm at the coast during hurricane season…. Thx

Bob Rehnlund
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I am so frustrated by the people in the other thread about the missing sound… all talking about stopping use of Wyze, but I’m new to the forum so it will not let me reply again.

IMO Good luck finding another camera that costs similarly to Wyze with these capabilities. I have three different brands of cameras installed and actively in use and the interface truly sucks on the other brands and the features are seriously lacking as well.

I personally think this issue will need to be solved by Apple, as their update and change to how audio is processed is what caused this. I think it will be solved one way or another, the recordings having no sound is frustrating but not a complete dealbreaker for my situation. I have over 300 saved recordings that range from seconds to an hour in length, all are missing their sound on iOS 16 but I know I can hear the sound on non iOS 16 so I’m fine to wait.

If someone has another brand that they really think can compete with this company, I’d be all ears but without spending significantly more, I doubt it.

I updated to ios16 and now my recorded events don’t have sound. People who haven’t updated to the new iOS and I share my cameras with have no problems hearing the sound on my recorded events.
Even My iPad which I didn’t update yet has no issues playing sound.
What’s the problem?
All my sound buttons are on. I did noticed my “record sounds” option under advanced is off now on ALL Devices (even the ones that work) but somehow ones that are not updated this week to ios16 still record sound fine. I try to turn the option on and it pretends to but when I go back into it the option it is still off. I cleared cache, deleted and redownloaded the app, reset my phone, etc and nothing.

Live view sound is fine

Thoughts? I have 4 cameras.

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Exactly the same problem after installing iOS 16 on iPhone. Still get notifications for sound events and can watch recording, but no sound plays.


Same problem here. I updated yesterday to iOS16 and all of today I’m getting event notifications, however there is no sound being recorded. When I go to livestream there is sound. Have double checked my camera settings and sound recording is definitely enabled

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I am sorry this is happening. I have sent this issue up to the team to look into.


Hi, could you please let me know what cameras you are currently using and their firmware version? I am also using ios 16 beta and I can hear sound from live and event ok.


Wyze Cam Outdoor
Wyze Cam Pan

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I just tested my WCO with same firmware. I can hear sound in event. Are you hearing any noise or simply miss the sound.

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