Sound, Motion, Person?

Confused. So noticed tonight as I walked back from getting things out of my car, walking up to my front door , my Cam is facing my walkway, instead of telling me on my phone, person detected or even motion detected it instead told me sound :thinking: while it watched me walking (motion) and me (person) so why did it only tell me sound?!? Can’t lie, kinda worried.

Were you swearing loudly? :grin:

If you have an SD card in the camera, (or if you can see it in the sound-triggered event) can you look and see whether it triggered the green box? (If you have motion highlighting turned on, that is.) If it didn’t, you might need to adjust your sensitivity. If it did, that seems like a bug, particularly if you have CMC service, and you may want to report it to support. Person detection is definitely less accurate at night. In my experience, it doesn’t tend to miss motion at night, but I’ve got decent lighting.

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Nerdland has great points. I’ll just add that you have the ability to turn off the ‘audio’ alert/trigger in advanced settings as well. I’ve done this on almost every camera as I haven’t found the value in just audio alerts and am typically looking for motion leading to a person alert (reminder that it will only tag it ‘person’ if this person is in the first 12 seconds of a CMC clip and it is sampling that range from my understanding so if you were not in the picture right away and were out of it before the end, it easily could have missed you).

@nerdland I do not have a SD card because I bought one of Amazon that after researching told me was compatible with the Wyze cam. Well, it wasn’t :frowning: SO now I will be ordering the Wyze ones so I know I’m getting the real deal. But I do have CMC service and it did trigger the green box , which I was in. @SoaringEagle09 I wasn’t talking or making any sounds, only walking and moving towards my front door, but it still only told me Sound detected. I have good lighting also and it completely saw me because the green box was there with me in it moving. It didn’t catch me right away though due to it being nighttime , only thing I can think of giving me the wrong reading. But still, after recognizing that a person is clearly walking and moving with no sound it will give me an incorrect reading from my cam? I do have the video.

Thanks guys :relieved:

So the green box is in the sound-activated video, right? And there’s no other video in the event section?

The only thing I haven’t tested and I’m not sure about is what happens if there’s a motion event and a sound event that overlap each other. I’m not sure if you’d get 2 videos of the same time frame or not. Basically, I’m wondering if the sound triggered the camera before the motion, and as a result, you only received the sound-activated recording. I don’t use the sound-activated recordings myself, so I’m not sure.

I know it’s super basic, but you did you double check in the camera’s settings that Event Recording is still turned on for motion events? I remember I had an issue at one point where my Event Recording got automatically turned off when my CMC trial ended for some reason. I’m wondering if that bug or a similar one still exists.

I know we all like to think we aren’t [quote=“boymum07, post:5, topic:78630”]
making any sounds…(when) walking
[/quote], but it could have been triggered by something as simple as a floorboard creaking or (if you are like me) and ankle cracking. To @nerdland’s point, it will only trigger 1 event, so if it heard you first (even if it say motion later) it will be tagged sound. Hope this helps.