Something BIG is coming 5.30.2018

A new way of seeing inside your home soon. Stay tuned for our big announcement of the launch of our latest smart home camera at 9am PDT/12pm EDT on 5/30! Any guesses?

360° view with heat mapping? Oh, and LASERS!

Weather resistant?

Pan and Tilt?

Built in Kuerig?



finally onvif support?

"Built in Kuerig"

An outdoor cam with backward looking x-ray to look back into the house.

I just got my v2!!!

A wyze cam stuck in the body of a Nest / Ring / Foscam (in order to make the wyze cam BIG)?

Like oaktree, my guess is dafang based camera.

There was a perhaps unintentional pre-announcement of the v2 and Pan and Tilt camera.

A youtube review of the dafang said it means “Big Room” in Chinese, and Google translate seems to confirm that.

which may be a veiled hint in the “Something BIG is coming”

I wasn’t familiar with the Dafang, so I did some looking. Found this, which matches exactly the announcement image. Attached is a Google images result.


You may have solved the riddle!

It has sensors to catch vibrations like walking in the hall? Or tiny cameras that are somehow in the wiring of a home inside the walls but the camera can somehow see through the paint as in night vision???


Tiny bug looking cams??? We can chose the bugs so they are cute ones?


No idea.

Setup button on bottom looks really familiar on Dafang also :slight_smile:

So I just got 8 v2 cameras last week. Would I have know this last week I could have waited another week or so to order new version,


Can I return v2? I haven’t even opened the box yet.

No kidding, eh? A single week heads-up is pretty frustrating.