Some V2 connect to network but other V2 won't connect to exact same network

I bought 4 cameras V2 on Amazon, two connect to the 2.4GHz network just fine. One of these two does not recognize the SD Card that the other recognizes (same SD card) so I know is the camera. However, the other two cameras will simply not connect to the network after the code scanning voice message. So, I know there is a hardware defect on the cameras.
The only reason I publish this message is because if you only have one camera to compare, or two like I have, you will be wasting your time trying to troubleshoot a defective camera. I got lucky that I bought 4 four cameras and had plenty of hardware to compare.
Basically, Wyze people 3 out of 4 cameras were defective in my four pack purchase on Amazon for a whooping 75% dissatisfaction from a customer perspective. Besides the spaces in the SSID name, password or WPA2 settings, this is a real hardware failure.

All the cameras are going back and I want all my money back including shipping.

Thank you.

I was also hesitant about these unbelievable cheap cameras. So I bought my first two on Amazon w/ Prime free shipping.
Both worked fine.
BUT in your case - Do the cameras connect WITHOUT the SD card? What are the specifics of your SD card?
SD cards should be 32GB or less (because of File Table Allocation) and formatted as FAT32.

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We are sorry to hear about the trouble that you ran into with your Wyze Cams, doodle. We’d love to help troubleshoot and send replacements if we can’t get them working right. But we understand if you would rather do a return. Please fill out this support form and let me know what support ticket number you receive in a reply email. I’m happy to help out.

Submit a request – Wyze

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