Some type of handle (finger grip) for the WYZE Scale?


We’ve been using the WYZE Scale for several weeks, and we really like all the features it provides, especially at the price point.

My only suggestion would be to mold some type of handle/finger grip into the underside - perhaps near or built into the batter compartment. The current build is very smooth, which also makes it slick. We don’t have room to keep the scale out, so we have it standing on end in our closet; we then move it to the bathroom floor when we use it. Since it’s so smooth, I’m afraid we’re going to drop it sometime while we’re moving it.

Thanks for listening, and I’m looking forward to see what new products are coming!

Agreed. I see this with a lot of scales. Also, standing a scale up on end for storage is an important function, but the glass goes all the way to the edge, making it difficult stand on end and feel comfortable that it’s not going to slide down sometime. A rubber bumper of sorts on two sides could serve both purposes with the right design.