SOLVED I lost power for days and cameras will not come back online

I’m only adding this because I didn’t see it on here before.

We lost power and our internet for 4 days over in a remote area of VA. Once we finally got our internet back up the app was still showing the cameras off line. I powered off the cameras to no avail. I was really upset that I would have to go to all the cameras some in ladder distance to reset them all. But, before I did that I wanted to troubleshoot the router first. So I changed my smartphone’s (do we need to say smartphone anymore?) hotspot SSID and PW to be the same as the home’s wifi. Once I turned on the hotspot all the cameras came back online within a minute WOW great right!? I was hoping that once the cameras were given a leg up that they would lose and find the SSID much quicker once I shut down my hotspot. Nope, they stay lost and after a few minutes showed up as off line once again. But, at least I now knew it was the router that was hindering me. I jumped onto the router’s admin page and found a tab called WIFI > access which had a list of devices that were “active” on the network. Many of the devices were Unknown devices, same number as cams, so I knew this Active moniker was not accurate I went ahead and Added them to Managed Devices and Saved the progress. After my mom yelled that she lost her Tella Nuvelas I realized that it requires a reboot to save this, warning would have been nice. As I walked down the stairs telling her that it should be back up I could hear my voice echoing from my phone just being held below my chest. YES! this lil funny white boxes finally found their home. So the moral of the story always have your mom around whilst troubleshooting camera issues… Or, troubleshoot other elements of your network before losing your mind. Hope this helps.