SOLVED- EVENT TRACKING STOPPED- step that worked for me

Hi all,

just wanted to share what I did for my Wyze Cam Pan models when the event tracking stopped.

I have seven of Wyze Pan model and noticed that event tracking had stopped for three of them. I checked all the settings and they were the same as the ones that were working. I enabled, disabled, check triggers, turned zone tracking on/off etc. and still did not work.

I mirrored all the settings of the ones that worked, restarted the devices via the app and unplugged and plugged back in from the wall outlet. Event tracking still was working until I decided to unplug the power cable from the camera itself and plug back in. (not from the wall socket)

Not sure why that would make a difference vs unplugging from the wall , or reboot from the app; but it worked. Once the three cams started back up the event tracking worked again.

I just wanted to share that in case others had an issue with tracking after any updates. I updated the firmware on these about a month ago I think. Not sure when the three had stopped tracking, so not sure if related to firmware.

I discovered it when I went to check a car that parked in front of our house for a long period of time and I went to check the video and saw I had no events for a week. Then check all of them and found the 3 not recording anything.

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