Solution for no delay notification

Solution for developers for delayed notification.

Wyze Team mentioned that notification are being sent after a video has been uploaded which causes delayed notification.

Solution: send the notification before the video, and user can at least get notified to view the live video while waiting for the clip to be uploaded

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Hey there @dchau2401,

You should totally add this feature to the Wyze Wishlist for it to be considered. Be sure to thoroughly explain why and how it would benefit Wyze users.



It’s these types of things that drive me crazy. It’s called common sense. Why should we as customers have to tell Wyze to pop a brain cell? If I owned the company, I would insist that all my top level devs lived on these forums. I would assign devs to specific forums. One for cam issues, another for sensors, another for network issues etc. Their number # priority would be resolve customer complaints immediately. Not hire moderators who simply simply say - open a ticket. And before any mod starts in with… Oh this is a community forum blah blah - that’s the point. Wyze is already getting a bad rep and it’s getting worse. Again, if it was my company, I’d treat my customers the same way I’d like to be treated myself. And just so you know, good luck opening a ticket. Expect a week or two and then all you get is a canned reply then have to wait another week or two if you even get a reply.

It’s stuff like these notifications that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to resolve the issue you first send out the notification then let the user know their clip is being uploaded. What’s the point of a notification when the damage is already done and been done long ago.



The wait times I have usually experienced are around 24-48 hours during business days. Once again, please add it to the Wishlist (link provided above) and it may be considered. Thank you.


Then they will get complaints that the video hasn’t been uploaded yet, which is probably why they wait the 12 seconds.

Notification can send them to live video,

I own SwiftWaiver, an electronic waiver software company so I’m pretty much in charge of all the common sense stuff because even devs can’t even figure it out.

I’m not going to take anymore time to tell them how to fix their problem. Either they already know or they just don’t want to address the problem yet.

It’s not that big of a deal anyways they probably want those motion sensors to sell lol.