Solar peel-n-stik retrofit for outdoor cam

Hi! I’m one of your beta users. I have a suggestion that would improve your OUTDOOR CAM 1,000,000% !!!

It’s inconvenient to “uninstall” the outdoor cam, bring it into the house, and place it on the base and then…wait. Why WAIT???

With only a very slight modification to the housing we can make our outdoor installations more permanent and less hassle. WHY IS IT A HASSLE? In my case, I live in Las Vegas and I have a Ranch 200 miles away that is 100% off-grid. I get my power from solar panels, batteries and a backup generator.

Here’s my idea. Let’s make a small, peel and stick solar solar strip that we can attach to the outdoor cam that will constantly be trickle charging the cam so we can just set it-and forget it. GET IT? This would be a cheap, easy and fast retrofit for existing users and, going forward, will make NEW outdoor cams more desirable and trouble free.

The camera requires internet access to authenticate every few minutes for it to work.
Constant charge voids the warranty. Need a battery minder to prevent the battery from swelling up.
An external solar battery source on a V2 maybe.

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Hiya! Thanks for the reply but I still don’t understand…The solar sticker “output” doesn’t have to be huge and, if it needs a “battery minder” (whatever that is) just make one for solar powered outdoor cams. Perhaps a modification to the battery would prevent it from swelling up. Your thoughts?


Common causes of battery swelling include:

  • Overcharge conditions which accelerate parasitic reactions between the electrodes and electrolyte, with release of heat and gases.
  • Poor cell quality and design with low anode to cathode stoichiometric ratios, particulate contamination
  • Mechanical damage to electrodes induced either during cell assembly or from the product application
  • Excessive temperatures (Do not leave your cell phone inside your car)
  • Deep discharge of cells

Check out the difference between Li-ION Battery + heat vs Super capacitor behavior.
These camera haven’t been out a long time but eventually the battery will swell, especially after exposed to heat.

I agree with your idea of an optional solar panel. It needs to be included in design. Currently, constant (daily) charging of the Li-ION battery will void warranty.

A solar charging kit for the outdoor cam that would plug into the charging port on the outdoor cam.

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