Solar Panel with battery bank to support Wyze CamV3 with Spotlight

I have been unable to find a compatible solar panel with built in battery to power my 2 WYZE CamV3 with spotlight. Do you have any suggestions?

You’ll probably have to build your own to get enough capacity for 2 V3s (even 1 V3). There are some threads on the forum here if you do a search.

You probably will want a battery and not a battery bank, as most battery banks make an output transition each time power is applied or taken away.

The ready-made solar panel with internal battery solutions you will find are more geared toward cameras that are already battery powered and trigger using a PIR sensor (like the Wyze Outdoor or Blink) rather than always-on cameras.

Unless you are satisfied with the camera going down if you have even a single heavily overcast day, you’ll need a fairly hefty battery supply.

I have a 50 watt Renogy solar panel hooked up to a charge controller with 2usb ports and a 43amp hour battery. It supports 2 v3 cams and would probably handle 3 cams.

The cams are pole mounted as is the solar panel. The battery is on our pop up trailer.

I also used cam covers and pole mounts from Amazon