Solar panel AND battery for Wyze Cam 3

Mr. Aesthetics @CapeCodTodd do these cams pass your aesthetics test, please grade me sir :grin:

These are powered by my battery backed up system and low voltage wiring was used to location of battery backed up system in 2nd floor of my garage store room
Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications ← Click the link to see info

This one has my counties Air Quality Sensor next to it and is available on

Buried low voltage wiring to location over 120 feet from Battery backup system.

The bear climbed the tree to mount this one, but had a little trouble with screwdriver @Antonius

What @Antonius was referring to link Pepe’ Le Pew & Friends

@Antonius - Shhh. I don’t want the state labor board finding out I pay the laborers in nuts and fruit, etc…

@CapeCodTodd - The Motion Flood Light 12 volt LED recently died and will be replaced, I will try to do a better job at aesthetics of wiring when replaced. Then I will have you grade it professor aesthetica :grin:

Also have been trying to find a big enough Fake Fiberglass Boulder to cover Ice Chest Solar power enclosure, the ones for satellite dishes are just a few inches to small…

The Motion Flood light makes a V3 behave like a Wyze Cam Outdoor if you turn off IR and night vision, then you get no flying bug, pollen and debris triggers. The bear video below I did have IR off but not the night vision which I thought about doing later and will once motion flood light is fixed then color night vision would work.

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