Software testing and hardware tedting

I have been software testing for sometime now using testlight on an IOS device. Recently I had something new come up as what seemed like a setup to begin hardware testing. I honestly do not know what it was because my daughter hurt herself ofcourse I put phone. It wasn’t until the next day that I was able to try and get back to step I was at prior to accident.

I am trying to figure out if I had been selected for hardware testing or if that was something new with software testing. Either way can I get back to the step I was at or start the process over?

Thank you

If it was the “new beta program” pop-up, it just goes away after you press ok. I don’t know why they sent this out, but I believe that they will add you to the hardware testing list. Just to be sure you can create an account here: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

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It was most likely the new beta pop up, it is still software testing. You can get to the area in the beta app under account → about → beta program. Tells you what beta app and what products you are using beta firmware on.


Router info in picture below

I only run with 802.11n on my 2.4 these days and no G (unless you have some old legacy devices that require G). I’d also fix your 2.4 at 1 or 6 since base station is running on 11. You may need to use a traffic Wifi Analyzer to see which is used least in your neighborhood if congestion is an issue.

Changed to suggested settings still no luck going to try power cycling router and base with new settings see if that helps. @Simple

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