So a duck knocked on our front door . .

So, out of nowhere, a duck walked up our front porch steps and knocked on our front door . . . 3 times. It was very much like, “I’m here, let me in.” Or maybe, “I came for my breakfast.” She seemed a little disheartened when we weren’t around to open the door.

This is just an ordinary door painted flat black. No glass, and nothing reflective. The road in front of the house is busy and I have never seen water fowl in the area. Maybe someone with a door like ours found a duckling and raised it? Or maybe it’s an experimental Amazon delivery unit gone rogue.

Here’s the video: So a duck knocked on our front door . . . - YouTube

One thing I learned while watching my video: Ducks are pretty good going “up” people stairs. Not so much going “down.”


Got any grapes?

I thought he/she/it did a fine job going down. Interesting how they resist using their flying superpower.


A distant relation across the pond?

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You’re lucky the duck didn’t leave you a “present” at the front door. Just wait until a Canadian goose shows up, You’ll have a present/package to clean up. :upside_down_face: