SNOW - OMG - outdoor cam, floodlight V3?

Your response is so enlightening and helpful, and I see your other responses are as well to a key issue that makes this product almost unusable outside. Thanks so much for your en-site.

We have over 44 of them out side with no issues,in California, Colorado, Montana you need to play with your settingsā€¦all of ours are on cam + with other movement off

We have same floodlight mounted to corner of storage building 25 feet from our bedroom window, and we get the same light show when it rains. I have to turn it off at all hours of the morning and lost valuable sleep so just ended up leaving it in off position. Also mounted one under carport at second home and after 15 months the connectors corroded and rusted to point cameras inoperable now. Sought some form of restitution from customer support in hopes of buying the newer and upgraded model which has camera attached to the base to avoid similar corrosion issues. Told that I was ā€œoutside the window period of warrantyā€ but will graciously offer me a $15 voucher on wyze account. I have spent over $1000 on their products from when they were getting their start and now customers like me get kicked to the curb. Forget talking to someone, as they WILL NOT take a call but rather use email or chat online. As others before me have written in their opinions, I am DONE WITH WYZE products and giving them my loyalty. Time to move onward and seek better and quality products with companies who appreciate long-lasting customers who helped them when they were still green around the ears. Ciao

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The cameras are more of a novelty, not for real security. Rain, snow, leaves, shadows all false trigger to a point real events get lost. In a rain or snowstorm you get continuous events for those cameras mounted outdoors. In the fall shadows from trees do it as well in the wind. Try and adjust the settings does not help, you get to a point where nothing is triggered.

Interesting i have no issues with any of mine all work just fine and yes we have many models of wyze and 5 locationsā€¦

Any outdoors exposed to the rain, fog and elements?

O yes in Montana ,Colorado, and at my sites in the Coachella Valley with temps 120 + some cameras are go on 2+ years

All of the outdoor cameras I have trigger false events and modifications in rain, fog, snow, sunshine with moving shadows, insects, spidersā€¦

The are some ways you can improve it by reducing the sensitivity or paying for cam plus and activating notifications only from AI events but even this will only reduce some of them.

For me, with cam plus the notifications are even worse because there is no cool down time so instead of one notification each 5 minutes, you can have 5 or 10 per minute instead.

Deactivating the IR lights will help a lot with rain, snow, fog but you need to have a PIR activated light to ensure you capture motion events.

Also AI events donā€™t really help as I expected.
My awnings blowing in the wind are often detected as a person, my cameras at the front of the house always have my car in the view, so every motion trigger is tagged as "vehicle"even though the motion was not near or from the vehicleā€¦

In the end, I deactivate the notifications at night using the "do not disturb"mode in Android.
Itā€™s not the most secure solution but then you cant expect it to be perfect for $20 a camera & I would at least have local and cloud backup of any events in the night even if I didnā€™t get real time notifications.