SNOW - OMG - outdoor cam, floodlight V3?

I thought the whole purpose of cam plus was to allow the user to have the recordings filtered based on various criteria such as “person”. The app picture above has nothing but motion videos.

I would think that with a sensitivity setting of 1 a person or car would have to be next to the camera lens to trigger a recording.

Send me a screenshot of the setting? I believe its already turned on…

that’s my understanding too. but its not working for me. the lowest possible detection setting and person detection is on. Tonight 11/28, it is flurrying out and Im getting motion capture video recorded. I am just doublechecking I am not missing something in settings- this is all new. But I think I’ve tried everything

One example is presented at

Also, this topic is essentially the same as at least 3 existing wishlist topics.

Did you find a solution? I’m having the same problem with both my Wyze cam V3. Defeats the point of having security cameras if finding an actual event is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. I added both to my cam plus subscription hoping it would fix the problem but the AI selection settings don’t seem to do anything. I have 7 cam outdoor and they are doing fine, a little less sensitive than I’d like but much better than this.

Find a better place for the camera what ever moves it will see it,we just re posited the camera and set the sensor @ 9

not really an option. This is the new Floodlight cam, its staying mounted above my garage.

@Customer1 I have several outdoor cams on order. I plan to set those up and will call wizards with this V3 questions and any others from the OUtdoor cams

@bartjoebob please report back on tech support for snow triggers.

I installed today first time camera owner and snow flurries triggered recorded video events, and worse, the auto mode flood light kept turning on when event detected. I had to turn OFF floodlight…and I only allowed AI events to notify.

Wyze please fix so that floodlight can trigger with only AI events…yet I know that poses a problem with cloud based AI. So…create a firmware with AI on device…need better hardware…

Well good luck,The Ali events only don’t work it never did

SNOW isn’t the only problem with this camera…high wind blowing and swaying branches or even dust will trigger the motion sensor (even when dialed down into single digits). The flood light has to be disabled for a snow storm or wind storm manually…then you forgot to re-enable and have no light when you WANT it. Honestly this product is micky-mouse quality… I posted on another topic how the very cold temps in the single digits or below zero seem to cause the unit to shut down the internet and go offline…then it requires a manual trip out to the garage and flip the breaker (again and again). Completely NOT a set and-forget toy.

The cameras are doing what there intended to do if theres movement it will record,we even tryed 2 other brands and they do the same

UPDATE I think I figured this out. I no longer have snow, bugs, dust, car headlight beams across the yard tripping the recording and turning on the floodlight. There are in fact 2 aspects of this combo that can be set to trigger event recordings.

First there is the traditional motion detector, what we’re all used to. It’s sensitivity can be adjusted under Settings > Detection Settings. I have mine set to 11 for Motion and 40 for Sound.

Second, the camera itself by default is set to trigger event recording when it sees motion. This is what was causing issue. The camera trigger can be turned off (the motion detector will still function more than adequately to trigger needed recordings even at night). Settings > Accessories > Floodlight > Uncheck “Motion is detected by Camera” under Turn on when dark section. Also while here I have PIR checked, on Low, and at max distance.

No more every minute all night long events. No more flood light turning on every minute in a snowstorm. Cars, people, pets are all detected and recorded.


I had my sensitivity set to 20 for the PID, I’ll try 11 and see if the light snow falling triggers it.

In essence these are worthless. They trigger for rain and snow continuously and clog your upload internet speed with all the false events.

@Reefer Turn off Motion Detected by Camera. The standard motion detector is sufficient

Standard motion detection picks up all kinds of rain and snow with the IR LEDs on. That is still not an option that helps.

Thats correct its movement!!!

I guess you seem to be missing the point, continuous nuisance notifications and events every 5 minutes without cam plus or less with is not a viable aolution. It can’t reliably detect people so that is not an option as well.

Well then trash it…and move on