Snatchy audio recorded on Synology SurveillanceStation

New to Wyze. I just got a new Wyze pan cam and connected it to my Synology 918+ through rtsp following the official instructions. Then I got issues when I playback the records on synology. The audio recorded in synology is snatch. It’s not completely silent, but stops around every 1 second, sometimes lasts longer. The video on synology is ok, and the video/audio recorded on the SD card is ok as well. I have tried different players, VLC, quicktime, WMP, but no luck on all of them. I am using the lastest version of firmware (rtsp version of course).
Is there anyone have met the same problem? Any one can help me.

Some people are saying Rtsp is not up to par. This is why it in Beta mode

Also I think the mic is weak of pickup on some sounds sound.