"smoke like" motion alerts

I’m a new user, so not good enough to upload anything. We had several motion alerts from our living room cam last night and it looked like smoke clouds moving upward. Our apartment wasn’t on fire and we were all in bed. Any idea what could’ve caused it?

Welcome to the forums! Do you have a short video of this you want to share? You can automatically up your forum trust by participating in threads and reading topics, but i’ll tag in the @mods to see if they can help speed up the process so we can check out this video.


Consider the process sped up. @Ke296509 ,you should now be able to attach a video


I saw something similar on my outdoor V3. I thought it might be fog or mist from the defrost cycle on the nearby heat pump. It only happened once or twice on a few nights then stopped. Again, was a night time phenomenon.

Yes, I have two clips. Each 12 seconds