SmartThings Integration

That is not exactly accurate. Wyze does have plans for the cameras and Matter.
When the Wyze VP of Product was recently asked about Matter, including cameras, he responded:

Basically he said they are working to have everything supported as definitions are added to Matter. For now, Matter is starting with a couple of dozen categories of IoT devices, and Wyze is working on having options for many of those.

Matter 1.0 definitions may not include Cameras YET, but Wyze PLANS to participate in the working group to develop the camera standards for Matter that are just now being worked on so that Wyze can help design the Matter standards and ensure Wyze cameras fit into it.

So yes, Wyze does have plans related to cameras being supported with Matter. But they can’t really give details because it’s currently in the early stages.

Still, one can read the responses from WyzeFrederik up higher in this thread to see that there is a decent possibility that Wyze’s earliest camera models won’t be compatible with Matter because of how likely it is that the other companies will require large libraries and resource requirements beyond the limits of the V1/V2 cams. Wyze applied for Homekit for example, and was denied because their early cams weren’t able to meet the requirements. I suspect something similar will be the case with Matter and that it will require one of the more recent cams in order to hold and execute the Matter Libraries requirements on them. We’ll have to see. Right now NOBODY knows at this time because said libraries don’t even exist yet. But that is very different from saying there are no plans. They are not the only company involved in the working group though. I suspect the main decisions will primarily be between Google, Apple, and Amazon. Even Samsung Smart things is a small fish in the pond compared to Google, Apple, and Amazon users (especially where Apple, Google, and Amazon are the main 3 Matter companies involved in the decisions). It would still be great to have better access to their rules engine and everything. I am hoping Matter helps SmartThings move away from being so cloud-dependent too.

But I too look forward to Matter allowing interoperability between ALL of these platforms! :star_struck:
I look forward to Wyze releasing whatever Matter device the VP was talking about and seeing where things go from here. I am glad Wyze is planning to to participate in the camera working group so they can help ensure their cameras will work with Matter and all the other systems when those definitions are finalized. It can’t come soon enough.

62 million active SmartThings users is not small fish. But it’s no wonder Wyze hasn’t integrated with them, with that thinking.

Absolutely embarrassing miss not building a simple cloud to cloud integration with the largest home automation platform in the world. You don’t need Matter for that. You don’t need to change a thing with camera firmware. You don’t even need to send a camera feed, just motion notifications and on/off commands. There are literally hundreds of these service integrations with SmartThings, from the largest to the smallest companies and everyone in between. But not holier than thou Wyze.

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My apologies for any misunderstanding. To be clear, I don’t work for nor represent Wyze. And I also like SmartThings, and I agree there are a lot of users that would benefit from this, including myself, and most of my family who use Smart Things, and I look forward to such integration, and as I pointed out, they are working toward this as we all want. I see that as win. I too am very anxious for interoperability to come as soon as possible. Since Wyze has told us this is coming through Matter, I am keeping up on that. I only meant to convey the point that Wyze IS working to make integration possible as is being requested. We should see some things with Matter operability very soon and it will be interesting to follow how that works with the SmartThings Matter-enabled ecosystem as well.

For what it’s worth, that’s exactly the integration I have working now with Hubitat (which is an all-local, reliable hub that is compatible with SmartThings Groovy code - and it runs the Groovy code on the hub, unlike SmartThings, which ran it in the cloud).

This is the app I use. It uses Wyze’s API to accomplish it’s work. Sadly, it needs to poll. But with it I can know about motion events, turn my floodlight on or off, etc. A useful thing is I have a virtual switch on the Hubitat side that I use to mirror the power state of the floodlight, so I can look back and know when it went on or off.

(This app could have worked on SmartThings, but SmartThings will be disabling the ability to add new Groovy code in just about 48 hours)


So, with all of the recent news about Matter being released to the public, do any Wyze products support the Matter standard yet?


I was looking at expanding my home automation/sensing, and considering the Wyze Sense Hub. But after doing more research I’m getting anxious about building out too many wyze things without more open integration like with Smart Things. :man_shrugging:

If you are looking to radically increase your options, then I highly recommend implementing HomeAssistant,
Others, above have recommended Hubitat, can’t speak to it as I have not implemented, but I can highly recommend HomeAssistant.
The ability to tightly integrate, local control, the ability to work with cloud based systems (Wyze, etc.) takes home automation to a whole new level.

Do not let anyone scare you off with the “it’s too complicated” arguements, Home Assistant is now a plug and play solution to 90% of smart home devices.


Seconded, especially with HA supporting Wyze (to a limited degree) now:

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Any updates?? This has been a request for four years now! Not sure, why Wyze would not want to work with Samsung and introduce the great products Wyze has to Samsung environment.

Several. The updates summary is basically that they are hoping Matter integration will allow users to integrate with 3rd party ecosystems better, including SmartThings, HomeKit, and any others that do the same.

Keep in mind that while this may have been a “request” for over 4 years now, Wyze already responded and labeled the request as “maybe later” and “probably not” and let people know this whole time to expect it isn’t going to happen. So they were pretty upfront about it. Having said that, if they become matter compliant, then a lot of those Matter-compliant devices should be able to work in SmartThings finally since SmartThings is also supporting Matter. But Matter is still REALLY new and early reviews say it is still kind of buggy and not yet extremely simple to use. Hopefully a lot of that gets worked out by the Matter co-op this year.

not ever going to happen

For now I’d just say the answer is “No direct integration planned for SmartThings, but hoping Matter standard would bring possibilities SmartThings to be able to see Wyze products via matter”
Which means you can forget it’s going to happen with efforts from Wyze or SmartThings

Yes Please. I need Smartthings integrations for Wyze cameras.

From what I read several years ago… they were working on Smart Things at that time. So… years later, they should be masters!!

Regarding Matter, they have also been working on that for over a year. So they will probably be just as good with Matter as they are with Smart Things…

So that means, they will have zero support, and they will just keep talking about potential support in the future for the next several years…

Let’s stop talking about future support for cameras because current Matter camera support can’t happen until the requirements get finalized… because that’s actually a valid argument.

Let’s focus on the Matter standards that are already complete. Why doesn’t Wyze have any Matter compliant items for those categories???


This is the only thing keeping me from buying more Wyze products.


but…matter… :rofl:


This is the exact reason I lost hope on them, they’ve become an ambitious company whose mission is to expand and profit with as many products as possible, rather than being what they were years ago.

Their products would still be reasonably priced. But they no longer listen to their customers (maybe still they do, but the number is huge now that they can no longer listen carefully).

Matter comparability is another example of not listening. Like you said there’s many devices they can start with right now that are comparable. But they choose not to, for what? Waiting for camera standard to come out???

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This thread is old but would love to have Wyze work with smartthings.

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Connect to Samsung smart home apps (Matter!)

I wish I could connect to my Wyze devices through the Samsung apps. Get bulbs and locks through SmartThings. Get the scale measurement in Samsung Health. Hey, it works with Google Fit.
These days, smart home apps need to play along.
What’s the MATTER?

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