Smartphone Connection Failure [Moved]

Every few days when I attempt to access the live feed through my Nexus 5X I get a “Connection Failure” - it will not connect to the live feed. The camera is operating doing local recording to the SD card and providing notifications as programmed. The camera is operating properly. I have a good WiFi connection from my phone. The only fix I have found is to power down and reboot the camera. Accessing the live feed from the phone then works fine - for a few more days. What is the problem?

I too have the same problem! Alerts are sent and viewed just fine. Good WiFi for camera, strong signal for iphone6. Its just when I try to view live feed, it gets stuck on step 3 and never connects sometimes until I unplug/plug back in the cameras. Not very efficient when your away or on vacation …

Does the connection failed message come with an error code (0) or (-90) or something else?

<span style=“-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”>No it gets stuck on “getting video data” step “3/3” won’t connect to camera </span>

I have the same problem, with all three of my cameras (but never all three at the same time). Steps 1 and 2 happen quickly, and then it just gets stuck on “Getting video data (3/3)”. It doesn’t seem to make a difference if I am on the same WiFi network or away from home. And sometimes I’ll just try the next day without restarting the camera and everything will be back to normal. It occurs frequently, but is impossible to predict when.

Same problem here. I have five cameras and three of them start giving the “No Connection” error code (0) or (-90) after a day or two after being powered up. After I unplug and replug, they are fine for another day or two, but this is not feasible for the ones I have installed 250 miles away. I did the firmware update on all five at initial installation, so I don’t know if the old firmware had this problem.


I have 18 cameras going with no issues. I have good surge protectors on all the outlets. Electricity can cause issues as well. High/low voltages, power spikes/surges/sags cause issues with all electronics with varying degrees.

If possible, connect a good surge protector or even a small battery backup & see if the connection problems go away.

I have the same problem of "getting video data (3/3). I can even hear the audio once in a while but it never starts the video. Has anyone figure out the problem? This happens very often even daily.

Yep, same. Frustrating. Two cameras, both getting stuck on “Getting video data (3/3)”

Workaround…I have both of them plugged into Wemo outlets so I can remotely power cycle them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. So, yes - I have them plugged into a device that cost more than the camera - simply to reboot them when they go sideways.

I’m sure everyone says this, but I’m pretty confident in my network. I have multiple Ubiquiti AC-Pro APs blanketing the house in wifi. The Unifi controller tells me that both cameras are connected and have respectable bandwidth - well, respectable for non-AC anyway.

Are there any other “jiggle the handle” remedies here? I’m on the beta.


One of my cameras has gone offline. How do I reconnect remotely since the camera is 3000 miles away?

I upgraded to the new firmware ( last night on all three of my cameras. I have not had a single remote connection problem today.

I just got 3 cameras and all of them have this problem. Already upgraded to newest firmware and reset. Still getting stuck at “getting video data”. Only works on LAN. But when not connected to same WiFi, it won’t get past 3/3.

Looking forward to a fix soon.

Sean, did you happen to notice the following idea I posted a few days ago in the “intermittent connection” thread? It basically suggests that the camera could be made to REBOOT ITSELF after a certain period of time (or other threshold) without connecting. The entire option could be toggled on/off in Settings, at user’s discretion. I don’t believe that Wyze support staff has yet responded to the idea, or even seen it.