Smart Vision Open Beta Feedbacks Thread

Could you submit a log for us to look into this? It would be greatly appreciated if you can briefly introduce your project (eg. what are you looking to recognize), too!

Re: not receiving notifications - I am wondering if it’s because our event notifications are currently motion-based, which means that you will not get a notification for a still open door, but only when the door is being opened.
Re: yellow tags - there aren’t much we can do if user is not getting yellow tags at all. That means the camera failed to recognize the object the user were intended to recognize. My recommendation is to upload more photos, or swap current ones for better quality photos for a better model performance.
However, if there IS yellow tag but NO notifications, we are definitely keen to look into it and see what went wrong. Is that kind of situation common for you? Could you submit a log for us to check when it happens?

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Hi willeckard, what’s your project (if it’s ok to share here)? Do you get yellow tags at all?

Log 854356, with dates of yellow tagged events listed. Additionally I’m seeing events tagged as door open when it is closed as well as the reverse. I have yet to receive a notification for any yellow tagged events, while I receive many event notifications from all cameras daily including the one being tested.

The app keeps crashing and won’t finish setting up a smart vision skill.

Log: 854454
See video of app crashing.

I seem to no longer have access to the smart vision skill.

Disregard, it just came back when I opened the app.

@WyzeMengtingHu is there any update on new features, progress on reported issues, a survey, etc? I am hopeful for news coming with the new year and the focus on the year of the camera :+1:t2::camera_flash:

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@WyzeMengtingHu @WyzeFan (Wenjiang) is this beta still active with the year of the camera or has this shown a potential roadblock in cost with AI? It sounded like this topic was slightly touched during the AMA after OG release but I did not see the “Smart Vision” term mentioned specifically.

It would be great to continue testing with the v3 and even the news cams I have now - v3 Pro, Pan v3, OG, Telephoto (in the mail I hope) :smiley:

P.S. @WyzeDongsheng I was VERY impressed at how fast the OG setup process was compared to ALL previous devices and access the live stream and other functions through the app and speed of notification is wonderful! Good job!

Smart Vision events being recorded for wrong door

MySmart Vision is setup for garage door open/closed. In the past few days after weeks of very few events, I am getting events, but they are for the wrong door. My garage has an overhead door and a man door. The clips to setup Smart Vision are all for the overhead door. I checked them and the man door is out of the selected view. Since the recent Beta app update to 2.39.0.b170, I am getting events for the man door only. LOG 902805. See the screenshot for my setups.