Smart Thermostat on Steam system

I preordered my Thermostat a few weeks ago ( Any updates when it will ship??? ) for my steam system but just ran across the following while cruising the internet…
Anyone have any thoughts if this is true with steam?
…(copied from another site)
The problem with smart thermostats and steam – or, for that matter, hot water or radiant heat – is that they are intended for forced air, which responds rapidly to setbacks. The whole idea is that they “learn” when you are there and raise the temperature, and when you aren’t and let the temperature drop. Works for forced air. But steam and hot water may take an hour or two to come back from even a 3 degree setback – and radiant may take a day or two – so there is little advantage to setbacks, and thus little use for the “smart” feature (so it is advisable to disable it).