Smart switch for wyze bulb

The Lutron Aurora is a little dimmer switch for Phillips hue bulbs, that goes over a normal light switch. It serves 2 purposes: it stops anyone from turning off the power to the smart bulb, and it can be used as a smart switch for smart bulbs.
Can wyze make something like it, for the wyze bulb? That’ll stop people from shutting power to the wyze bulb (and flicking the switch, causing the bulb to reset), but we’ll still be able to turn on and off the lights without needing a phone or smart speaker nearby.

MOD NOTES: Title edited to differentiate this from the #wishlist topic about a wired-in smart switch. Lutron product page for reference:

Voted, since many people in the other switch thread(s) have requested exactly this. A couple even provided drawings.

I would buy 20 of these. It definitely fulfills an unmet need.

Switch (that does not need hard wire installation) to turn on and off lightbulbs or select preset scenes - Hue bulbs have these and they are phenomenal!

I think what you are looking for is a Smart Button, this smart switch is different in that it is designed to be used on a hardwired light switch.

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Ive fallen in love with Wyze products. I want to swap out my Hue bulbs but I don’t want to give up my dimmer switches. I have 2 in my bedroom and 3 others through out the house. I would deifinately get rid of my hue bulbs and go with the Wyze ones if they made dimmer switches too.

Agreed with @thym8scallmet! These switches are exactly what we need.

@Manmeyco yes, as long as a smart button has multiple actual buttons - i.e. dimmers, on, off, ability to execute different scenes when something is clicked multiple times, etc.