Smart Sound Recognition - How well does this work?

I’m looking to add a device to monitor my homes wired fire alarm system. Nest Protect and similar devices won’t work since I’d like to keep my wired system intact. So devices like the Roost Battery or Leeo devices which listen for a fire alarm sound have caught my attention. I noticed that the Wyze Cam offers similar features to listen for the fire alarm sound. Users that have used this feature, how well does it work? Does it pick up all alarms and are you finding that this caused a lot of nuisance alarms? Curious to get your takes on this feature.


Daniel and Wyze

I would like to chime in on this topic (no pun intended). I have a daughter who is on dialysis treatment over night. One of the reasons that I purchased the Wyze Cam was the hope that it’s capabilities as stated for alarm recognition, could be utilized with her Dialyzer (Baxter Amia). An alarm notification system through the Wyze, would be an improvement for alarm notification as opposed to a room monitor which is always on.

Thank you.

Nicely done with the Chime. :wink:

Can you elaborate a little further on the kind of integration / support you’d like for the type of notification through Wyze with the dialyzer?