Smart sound detection with no motion

I have a few Wyze cams that I use and I recently bought 3 Wyze cam pan v3’s. After exploring the features I was convinced that the cam pan v3 could detect sound ‘smartly’ and rotate towards the zone where the sound is coming from even if there is no motion. After a long discussion with Wyze’s support team member (Glee, who’s professionalism and patience I appreciated a lot) it turned out that the ‘sound’ smart detection only records sound when joined with motion. In other words, the smart detection feature works for motion and only captures sound when combined with motion. My suggestion to the engineering team is to develop the ‘sound detection’ mode separately from ‘motion detection’. The reason why I would like to see this feature is that, sometimes when I get home, I see the wyze cam rotated towards the wall (for whatever reason) and it won’t rotate to the zone where the sound is coming from to capture an event. I understand the pan scan can help solve this issue partially, but still, ‘smart motion detection’ and ‘smart sound detection’ should be two separate detection modes. Thank you, keep it up. Garen

I can clarify a little bit:

It doesn’t do that. It would need multiple microphones and then would need to analyze which mic had the loudest DB perception, then know how far to turn to figure out when it would be facing that way. This is not currently possible with these. Another option to do it with a single microphone like it has, would be: when it detects sound, it starts to scan one direction, and if the sound gets lower, turn the other direction, and if it gets higher, keep turning that direction until it detects legit motion, and then it can switch to giving priority to motion instead of sound. It doesn’t currently do this either (I’m confident it never will).

This is not completely accurate. I am EXTREMELY positive that most Wyze cameras will actually record a sound detection event for 12 seconds up to once every 5 minutes even if there is no motion. I just confirmed this by running my loud sump pump and having the nearby record a 12 second event. There was zero motion onscreen and it still recorded a 12 second event with sound only. I tried this with a couple of other cameras. Same thing. They even did AI sound detections like “Talking” not just “sound.”

Now, if there is ALSO MOTION, then the sound detections can happen more often, but if it is sound without motion, then those are limited to 12 seconds every 5 minutes maximum, even with Cam Plus. But, if there is motion present, then the events will ALSO record sound and the AI will analyze the sound also.

You can test this yourself if you want proof. cover your camera up completely so it can’t see anything. Make sure record sound events is toggled on. Now make an extremely loud sound. It will record an event (as long as it didn’t record another event within the last 5 minutes).

Still, it would be nice to not have sound only events limited to 12 seconds every 5 minutes.

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