Smart Showerhead / Water Saving Device

I was thinking a good product may be a shower head that limits water use, something like the “shower manager”. Basically it would let the water run for X minutes, then warn Y minutes before shutting it off, then shut the water off and not allow water for Z minutes. Some of these devices don’t actually shut the water off, they might limit it to 75% instead. Maybe allow the app to reset it and control the values. This would basically be used for those of us with teenagers who spend an eternity in the shower. Anyhow, thought with all your tech and manufacturing expertise it might be something of interest to roll out. Keep on doing a great job with all your gadgets!

A showerhead would be nice as long as it has a manual override if the wifi goes down. But a mixing valve would be even better - it would need to be plumbed in but would give the user more than just on/off control. It could raise/lower the temp, be set for individual temperature or pressure preferences, and would have no effect on the aesthetics (you could have your big rain shower head, we could keep our adjustable pressure head). Moen has one but at nearly $400 it is not a realistic option for most people.

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I wouldn’t want it to rely on wifi other than maybe to initially configure it. Once configured it’d just need enough power to time itself and open the valve. A mixer could be cool but personally that’d not what I’m suggestion, a mixer would need a much more complex install. I just want to be able to unscrew the shower head, screw this on, and/or screw the shower head back on to it. If I have to pull apart the wall it’s a no-go for me. If it’s just a mixer replacement, maybe if it’d fit in my current plumbing. But I’m definitely not looking for this to be a plumbing project, I’d want it to be more of a screw off the old, screw on the new thing.

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How many parents are tired of your kids/teens taking endlessly long showers. I am hoping that the brilliant people at Wyze can develop a shower head timer that can be set to limit shower time.

John Kirk

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I could see on-off shower head valve, could be easy to install, I assume battery powered.

But I’d also even more like to see Wyze offer a smart shower option, mixing valve and controller. I have the Moen version, its ok, but very expensive (~$800 for the valve and controller), and difficult to install (plumbing and 110V wiring in wall) retroactively. The Alexa integration isn’t reliable.

I’d think Wyze could come up with significant improvements and something easier to install to reach more potential users. If Wyze could come up an adapter that fits over or replaces existing shower single valve/handles installed in many showers, it could tap into a significant market.