Smart scheduling of bulbs

Let me start this off with I don’t currently own any of the smart bulbs and haven’t downloaded the app, so forgive any ignorance.

I was wondering if it’s possible to schedule or set a specific brightness for a bulb for an offline bulb so that when it does reconnect it get set to that brightness if it’s within the preset instructions.

For example, some of my lights are turned off from the wall switch, but their last brightness was 75%. I set the lights to go to 25% at 8:30PM. I turn on the switch at 9:15PM, 45 minutes after the lights were scheduled to be at 25%. I would like the lights to automatically change brightness to the set one once they are turned back on. Is this possible? If not, can it be made possible with a future update?

Forgot to mention why I want this. Old habits are hard to break, so I know light switches will still end up being used. I just want to try avoiding blinding myself in the middle of the night because me from earlier flipped the light switch.

From what I’ve seen the bulbs only get the updated brightness settings if they’re online. If the light switch is off my shortcuts fail to run and the lights come on at the last brightness setting they had before the switch was turned off.

I’m not sure how that behavior could be improved though, because offline devices can’t receive updates. Even if they pull down those settings once they’re turned back on, they’ve already blinded you when they turned on initially. If they wait to turn on until they’ve connected and pulled down settings that would introduce unacceptable delay between turning the switch on and having the lights turn on.

Any way you slice it, I think the solution has to be preventing the switch from being turned off in the first place. Switch guards are available that can keep you from accidentally flipping light switches:

Amazon also has these for the flat modern switches.

Mitzvah Family 2202 Magnetic Switch and Outlet Cover for Flat Modern Switches, 6 Piece