Smart plug wifi interference

I connected my two smart plugs without any issue but noticed my yamaha musiccast started to experience connectivity issues. Is there away to tweak the smart plug wifi settings so they do not interfere with other devices on wifi?

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Welcome to the Forums @jd_mcse,

i first want to disclaim that this could be do to many factors and what is stated below is only a suggestion on how or what Could be a factor, but without knowing the exact situation its hard to pinpoint the issue.
You are unable to “tweak” the Wyze wifi settings, it is a standard 2.4ghz signal.

What router do you have, and also how many devices do you have connected to your wifi, if your signal from your wifi router is weak ( has to go though a lot of walls, or is far away) or you have a lot of wifi devices on it that require a lot of bandwidth it could be to much for it to handle, and could experience signal loss/drop.

As a starting Point I would first go into the Wyze application and check to see what is says your wifi signal strength is. Depending on the router you have some will even tell you within the router menu how much of the wifi bandwidth is being used.

Sorry if I am not much help, and I hope you are able to solve your issue, and there maybe others with some tricks up their sleeves or have better answers.

It may be a router issue. Some routers are better equipped to deal with large numbers of devices than others. Short of researching better routers, one thing that can help is to adjust router placement a bit. Generally, it’s better if your router can be higher off the ground, since there tend to be fewer obstructions toward the ceiling.

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